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In this class we will be working with a new concept that will help you localize deep axes and reciprocal movements in the skin, muscles, viscera and endocrine glands.

An axis is a fixed reference in the body around which a structure can move, rotate, or have reciprocal movements.

When a structure is out of its axis dysfunction occurs and body structures often present altered physiology.

Working with the axes and reciprocal movement of the muscles, for example, will let you often downregulate in a non invasive way tense or spastic muscles in a very short time.

The same types of applications will apply to musculoskeletal structures, endocrine glands, viscera and brain.

Review the localization of the main muscles related to stress and antigravity muscles, as well as the main endocrine glands.

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Reciprocal Axes and Lines (ReAL) by Dr Bruno Chikly, MD, DO, LMT