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The CLTC - Chikly Lymphedema Therapy Certification program - was formerly called LLCC.

To achieve CLTC Certification, the following expectations need to be achieved successfully and to the standards of the Chikly Health Institute. 

Completion of:

24 Hours - Lymph Drainage Therapy 1 -  Lymphatic Pathways: Anatomical Integrity 

24 Hours- Lymph Drainage Therapy 2 -  Pathological Pathways / Manual Lymphatic Pathways

24 Hours - Lymph Drainage Therapy 3 - Deep Pathways-Viscera, Articulations,Organs of the Senses

4   Hours - LDT 1 Online Review

4   Hours - LDT 2 Online Review

4   Hours - LDT 3 Online Review

2  Hours - Human Lymphatic Dissection DVD & Test

55 Hours - CLTC Course and Examination

142 Hours - Total at Completion for CLTC Certification


It is the responsibility of the therapist to check with their governing body for insurance and liability coverage.  


Recertification - Every 2 years

  1. TA one LDT Class

  2. Take one new LDT Course (e.g. LDV-AP, LDV-TA, FAR-L, FAR-U, LDTA1, NER-L, etc.) OR create and present 1 Case Study as a TA at a Convention/Conference, TED Talk or Professional Association. All presentation must be approved by CHI.

This course fulfills the requirements of the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA).
To read more about LANA qualifications, go to:
And for Frequently Asked Questions regarding LANA certification:

LDT1 + LDT2 + LDT3

Price: $1,200



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