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Brain Advanced Cranial Meninges (BACM)


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It can be a challenging endeavor to work on every fiber of the intracranial meninges and synchronize with each specific direction in 3-D.

This class use 25 labs to help you palpate and release numerous meninges of the cranium and spinal cord.

Precision working on the cranial meninges is extremely important. The change of tension inside the cranium modifies the tension in the thorax, pelvis and abdomen and ultimately influences the whole-body system.

Release of the intracranial meninges is usually an essential and very powerful application for conditions such as motor vehicle accidents, concussion, strokes, chronic meningitis, nervous system surgeries, chronic headaches as well as for children with cerebral palsy, on the autistic spectrum, etc.

Beryl E. Arbuckle, DO, FACOP, one of the first teachers in the faculty of WG Sutherland, developed a technique that was unfortunately lost to the osteopathic world. She described specific concepts of dural “stress bands” and reinforcement of the cranial bones (“buttresses”) that could indicate problems with the central nervous system. She made available beautiful maps of the dural network based on numerous precise dissections of the nervous system.

In this course we will use a curved biotensegrity model to release the intracranial meninges.

This model has been effectively applied for many years from newborns to the elderly people, as well as domesticated animals.

We will work on structures such as:

·             Falx Cerebri

·             Falx Cerebelli

·             Tentorium

·             Parieto-Temporal Lines

·             Vertical Epicanthal Lines

·             Occipital Paramedial Lines

·             Frontal Eminences

·             Parietal Eminences

·             Mastoid Processes

·             Anterior and Posterior Dural Girdle

·             Asterion, Pterion, Foramen Magnum, Metopic area, etc.


These techniques will also help release the flow of intracerebral sinuses including sagittal sinuses, straight sinuses, vein of Galen, vein of Rosendal, etc.


• In this class we may also explore lesions of the pelvis, sacrum and pubic area to help release long term body compensations.

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