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In this class Alaya will hold the space for each participant to perceive the holographic nature of their inner and outer relationships.

Together we can step out of the imposed matrix of limiting/negative thoughts and step into the Universal Continuum that we are naturally a part of.


This class will help you:

  • Recognize life as a Hologram and transform the repetitive stories and related beliefs that have limited our lives throughout our time.
  • Heal the hidden, unconscious conflict of the feminine-masculine relationship within us.
  • Discover how our inner male-female relationship is mirrored in our relationship to our parents, our partners and virtually all our relationships.
  • Heal the unconscious patterns that were physically transferred into our chromosomes and DNA during conception.
  • Experience the power of love, awareness, and acceptance as we defuse limiting beliefs and related stories that kept us subjects of lower thought and existence.
  • Tap into the Universal Flow and Heal the Planetary Consciousness.



Contact Continuing Education (CE) Hours Total: 18 CEUs for massage therapists - NCBTMB Approved Provider # 451238-10

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Price: $850

Early Registration Discount: $650
This discount only applies if you apply $200 down at a prior class (with a Future Class Registration form) and the class is paid in full 45 days Prior to class.
(If the class is not paid in full 45 days before the start of class, the rate automatically goes up to $850)

CHI PAK student: $650

Repeat: $425


Chikly Health Institute

Once in a while you come across a teacher and a system that are so perfectly articulated that you never forget the impact they have on your life and the lives of those around you. Heart Centered Therapy is a high expression of the healing power of love made tangible for anyone who draws close to it. Alaya Chikly is a gifted healer who works effectively with groups and individuals to create inner connections and dialogue where before there was only silence, suffering, and unresolved trauma. I have learned many methods in my life as a healer, priest, teacher, counselor, and therapist, but Alaya Chikly's Heart Centered Therapy resoundingly strikes a chord that unites Spirit, Soul, Heart, Mind, and Body in a way that profoundly frees and facilitates a happier, healthier life. Heart Centered Therapy may be one of the most powerful and effective approaches in the holistic medicine field. I would like to see it extended to as many people as possible as soon as possible.

Thank you Alaya and Bruno.

Anthony C., M.Div., L.M.T., C.P.H.
Heart Centered Transformation & Holographic Relationships (HCT-H) explained by Alaya Chikly
Heart Centered Transformation & Holographic Relationships (HCT-H) by Alaya Chikly 07/20