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In this class, my intention is to hold the space for us to each awaken and step into the Universal continuum that we are naturally a part of.

We will:

  • Recognize that our parents are a perfect mirror of that which we have not accepted in ourselves.
  • Heal the hidden, unconscious conflict of the feminine-masculine relationship within us.
  • Transform our own inner male-female relationship and recreate our relationships to the men and women in our lives.
  • Recognize and change the foundational programs set in place at conception and during initial cell division using sacred geometry.
  • Using holographic vision, become aware of and heal the unconscious patterns that we have perpetuated and relived unknowingly.
  • Unplug from our negative judgement of ourselves and others and tap into the Universal Continuum of life.
  • Help heal personal and the Planetary Consciousness.

18 CEUs from


Price: $850

Early Registration Discount: $650
This discount only applies if you apply $200 down at prior class (with a Future Class Registration form) and the class is paid in full 45 days Prior to class.
(If the class is not paid in full 45 days prior to the start of class, the rate automatically goes up to $850)

CHI PAK student: $650

Repeat: $395

If this is your first class (intro class) with us, contact Student Services to see if a $200 discount applies to you.

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