DVD: Dissection of the Brain and Spinal Cord (DDHB)
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Widely praised for its student-friendly style and pedagogy, Dissection of the Brain and Spinal Cord is an amazing introduction to the complex structures and terminology of Neuroscience.   In this DVD Dr. Chikly presents a detailed and explicit evaluation of the specific structures of the Central Nervous System.  He starts by helping the viewer orient themselves on a brain model, then shifts to a systematic explanation of each dissection cut. Each structure is carefully labeled with English and Latin anatomical terminology.  This DVD has 14 chapters:  Introduction  Preparation  Spinal Cord  Meninges  Main Parts of the CNS  Lobes, Gyri & Sulci  Cerebral White Matter Organization  Ventricular System  Basal…
DVD: A Miniature Universe: Matter, Motion & Mind (DMU)
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Human Fibroblast: Nucleus Activity Animals: Mitochondria & Hear Cells Flowers Cell Movement Real Time Pathology - Malaria  
Brochures (100/pkg): Discover Brain Therapy Brochures (BDBT)
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This helpful brochure explains the value of Brain Therapy in terms your clients can understand.  It's an effective way to boost your business through consumer education and care. Sold in sets of 100/package, each one includes space for your name and contact information.    FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA
Brain Posters (set of 2) - Ledger Size (BRAINP)
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Dr Chikly's Protocol for Brain Therapy Level 1 - Basic Hand Locations​.  The Brain Therapy Curriculum is an advanced-level course that takes us to the next realm of manual therapy. It explores the brain, spinal cord, white matter, grey matter, and also in this level brain nuclei such as corpus callosum, septum pellucidum, indusium griseum, fornix, thalamus, globus pallidus, amygdala, hippocampus, brainstem, cerebellum, etc. The body often aligns itself around these precise structures, and they are frequently unaddressed key/dominant tissue restrictions. Many topics will be covered in the Brain Therapy classes, in general, including:  1. Cranial bones (intraosseous and interosseous lesions) Claustrum  2. Cranial membranes in all anatomical directions  3.…
Brain Therapy for Neonatal Reflexes and General Reflexes in Adults and Children (BRB) Flip Booklet
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There are approximately 28 neonatal reflexes present at birth. We will go over a lot of these reflexes and few permanent reflexes (lifelong reflexes), including Fear Paralysis Reflex (FPR), Moro Reflex, Tendon Guard Reflex (TGR), Palmar Reflex, Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex (TLR) forward and backward, Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (STNR), Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (ATNR),  Spinal Galant Reflex, Pereze / Pulgar Marx Reflex / Vollmer Reflexes, Babkin Palmo-Mental Reflex, Hand Pulling Reflex, Crossed extension Reflex, Babinski Reflex, Landau Reflex, Amphibian Reflex, Parachute Reflex, Rooting Reflex, etc. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA