LDT Certification Programs

1. Lymph Drainage Therapy Technique Certification (LDT-T)

The Lymph Drainage Therapy Techniques Certification Program signifies advanced skills in the application of lymph drainage therapy. This certification involves extensive study, written exams, and hands-on testing. LDT-T is not a lymphedema certification program (see CLTC)

The LDT-T was formerly called LTC.


The benefits of the LDT Technique certification are many. As an LDT-certified therapist you:

  • Affirm your capabilities and understanding of the techniques

  • Build confidence in the minds of your patients/clients that you are highly skilled in this modality

  • Substantiate your qualifications with potential patients/clients and referring practitioners

  • Play a pivotal role in securing the rights of all qualified therapists to practice LDT

  • Receive a certificate indicating certified status. 


Course Length

Certification Process, Individual Study

Program Overview

  • A 50-question objective written exam, which is administered at Lymph Drainage Therapy Advanced 1 (LDTA1). If you did not take this test on the last day of the LDTA1 class, you can make arrangements through the LDT Certification Coordinator to take it at a future date and location. Why wait? Sign up today to take this exam at your LDTA1 class!

  • A practical hands-on exam that may include material from the previous LDT courses you have taken. This exam is scheduled on an individual basis with an approved examiner. Further information is provided upon completion of the objective exam.

  • A 35-question objective written test based on the material in Dr. Chikly's two-DVD series Dissection of the Human Lymphatic System.

  • Submission of three different case studies with mapping and photos (as applicable). Instructions for submission are provided upon completion of the objective exam. 


LDT Advanced level 1 (LDTA1)
Sign up today to take your 50-question objective exam at LDTA1 and start on the track to Lymph Drainage Therapy Techniques Certification (LDT-T)!

Price: $400

Please Note: LTC recertification is required every three years, and may be earned by acting as a participant or as a teaching assistant in Lymph Drainage Therapy 2 (LDT2) or higher.


2. CLTC - Chikly Lymphedema Therapy Certification program

The CLTC - Chikly Lymphedema Therapy Certification program - was formerly called LLCC.

To achieve CLTC Certification, the following expectations need to be achieved successfully and to the standards of the Chikly Health Institute. 

Completion of:

24 Hours - Lymph Drainage Therapy 1 -  Lymphatic Pathways: Anatomical Integrity 

24 Hours- Lymph Drainage Therapy 2 -  Pathological Pathways / Manual Lymphatic Pathways

24 Hours - Lymph Drainage Therapy 3 - Deep Pathways-Viscera, Articulations, Organs of the Senses

12 Hours LDT1+LDT2 + LDT3 Online Review and Test

2  Hours - Human Lymphatic Dissection DVD & Test

52 Hours - CLTC Course and Examination

138 Hours - Total at Completion for CLTC Certification

It is the responsibility of the therapist to check with their governing body for insurance and liability coverage.