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2020 was a year of challenge.  We rose to the challenge and brought many of our classes to the online format.

We are excited to once again offer our live classes in addition to the online format we have added.

Should classes need to be rescheduled for any reason, we will contact our students as soon as possible.  We make every attempt to hold our live classes as scheduled.

Please look at the Live Class Schedule as it may change, with new classes being added regularly.


For those of you who have been in holding classes, waiting for live classes, please click here to go to our Live USA /Canada Classes page, email us at [email protected] or call us at 480-999-0808 or 888-333-1055, Option 1 for any questions or assistance. 
You can also text us at 423-822-2490.

You can always follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter for updates.

Dr. Bruno and Alaya Chikly will continue to create and teach online webinars, in addition to our live classes. 

To register, please click here to go to our Online Class page.

We want you to know that we appreciate your loyalty and greatly value every one of you. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones, and let us know if there is anything we can do for you.


Dr. Bruno and Alaya Chikly
and the CHI Administrative Staff


We Are Currently Teaching At Least One Webinar Every other Month

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Future Webinars: 


Three Day Online Heart Centered Therapy Level 1 (HCT1-O):

Sun. Aug. 15th - Tue. Aug. 17th, 2021 


Heart Centered Therapy 1 (HCT1): Touching from the Heart - Assume Only Love

Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) is a gift of the heart, a sacred journey within.

HCT1 is a profound 3-day online class that teaches techniques that are guided by the wisdom of the heart.

The heart naturally knows how to heal our bodies and our consciousness and dissolve beliefs that may have held us in pain, confusion, and/or separation.
HCT offers deep healing without reliving the trauma as we are held in the safety, love, and compassion of the heart. When we can stop identifying with who we are not, we are free to discover who we truly are. 

We not only work in the present moment but also access the original trauma where negative decisions and beliefs were formulated.  Step-by-step guidelines help us to gently identify and transform the emotional component of disease in the body, the related trauma, as well as the ancestral patterns that have sustained wounding within the immediate family and the family lineage. Inside this gentle and respectful process is a very direct, straightforward approach that pierces straight to the core of an issue.
This class is offered to both professionals and laypeople. It gives families tools to heal relationships and deepen intimacy and communication. People come because they want to heal, to be free, to love again, and to be loved. HCT is an experience that restores hope.

The depths of the work cannot be met until the heart is awakened.

The heart is the key, the access point for the journey to begin.

Please join us on this sacred journey. 


Class Pre-requisite: None

Continuing Education (CE): 18 CEUs from NCBTMB


To see more click here: Heart Centered Therapy Level 1 (HCT1-O): Touching from the Heart - Assume Only Love


Voice Dysfunctions, Larynx/Pharynx Post-Intubation or Post-Surgical Problems, Tongue-Tie / Ankyloglossia (VT-O)

Saturday, Sept. 11th, 2021  1:00 - 4:00 pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time


VT Online (VT-O): Class Content: 

You will be amazed to learn how the tongue and larynx are related to so many structures in the body. You will be surprised just how many of your patients can benefit from these techniques.

Many people suffer from trauma to the larynx/pharynx.  It can come from voice overuse, direct trauma, strangulation, surgery, intubation e.g. during general anesthesia, ventilators, chronic laryngitis/bronchitis/mediastinitis, swallowing or breathing conditions, etc.
Tongue-tie or ankyloglossia is a condition described as having a prevalence of 5% in the general population. But because there is no standardized test or approved grading system the number may be much higher.

Many of your adult or child patients/clients can suffer from symptoms that can be alleviated from the tongue-tie protocol including Headaches, neck/shoulder/upper extremity tightness, fatigue, pain/soreness, forward head posture, speech problems, feeding problems, mouth breathing, sleep apnea, teeth grinding (bruxism), crowded teeth, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunctions, reflux, aerophagia, etc.

Your clients may fail to mention some of these issues as they may have accepted these issues as normal or believe there is nothing they can do about it.

In this online mini-course, you will learn to assess ankyloglossia and to work with the three constrictor muscles, the epiglottis, the hyoid, the cricoid, the thyroid cartilage, the corniculate and arytenoid cartilages, the tracheal rings, the SCM, and the esophagus in a specific protocol.



Voice Dysfunctions, Larynx/Pharynx Post-Intubation or Post-Surgical Problems, Tongue-Tie / Ankyloglossia (VT-O) - Online Seminar


Class Pre-requisite: None



Brain Therapy for Neonatal Reflexes & General Reflexes in Adults and Children (BR-O) Online Seminar:

Sun. Nov. 14th - Tue. Nov. 16th, 2021 



This class will address retained and reoccurring neonatal and general reflexes in children and adults.

Many children and adults have neurological disorders, learning disabilities, or cognitive challenges. Studies show these individuals often have retained reflexes or may have reoccurring neonatal/primary reflexes. Optimally, these reflexes are inhibited/integrated in the first months of life. Children can keep their primary reflexes for longer than necessary for optimal development. Neonatal reflex inhibition allows for more sophisticated neurological structures to develop. 

Adults can see the reoccurrence of these neonatal/developmental reflexes in many pathologies, including trauma, whiplash, PTSD, Parkinson’s, stroke, dementia, etc.

Retained and reoccurring reflexes can create numerous neurological dysfunctions, learning disabilities, and sensory integration dysfunctions.

In children, these primary reflexes can be found in learning disabilities, processing disorders / sensory integration dysfunctions, trauma, PTSD, cerebral palsy, ADD/ ADHD, problems with focus and concentration, vestibular integration issues, balance issues, poor postural control, social skills issues, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia / developmental coordination disorders, speech development disorders, speech-language delays, auditory and visual processing, autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome (trisomy), etc.

There are approximately 28 neonatal reflexes present at birth. We will go over a lot of these reflexes and few permanent reflexes (lifelong reflexes), including Fear Paralysis Reflex (FPR), Moro Reflex, Tendon Guard Reflex (TGR), Palmar Reflex, Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex (TLR) forward and backward, Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (STNR), Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (ATNR),  Spinal Galant Reflex, Perez / Pulgar Marx Reflex / Vollmer Reflexes, Babkin Palmo-Mental Reflex, Hand Pulling Reflex, Crossed extension Reflex, Babinski Reflex, Landau Reflex, Amphibian Reflex, Parachute Reflex, Rooting Reflex, etc.


In this class, you will use quick, specific, and efficient manual therapy techniques to inhibit these primary/infant reflexes. Inhibitory movement patterns will be presented.


To see more click here: Brain Therapy for Neonatal Reflexes & General Reflexes in Adults and Children (BR) - Online seminar November 2021

Class Pre-requisite: Brain 1 - see the form "Application for Exception" in the website.

Continuing Education (CE): 18 CEUs from NCBTMB for MTs and Procert for MTs



LDT Applications to Viscera: Thorax & Abdomen (LDV Th-Abd-O) Online Webinar

Sun. Dec. 12th - Tue. Dec. 14th, 2021



In this class, you will go over the cervical, thorax, and abdominal regions to learn rarely taught ligaments, organ interfaces, and intraorgan restrictions for numerous viscera. These include the esophagus, trachea, lungs, heart, mediastinum, liver, spleen, stomach, duodenum, small and large intestines, thoracic diaphragm.

  • Learn fluidic approach to viscera.
  • Discover an easy way to find a dominant lesion in an area.
  • Learn how to find intra-organ/intraparenchymatous lesions, ligament lesions, inter-organ lesions.
  • Release organs using mainly Lympho-Fascia Release (LFR), extracellular fluid techniques (EFT), and other techniques.


To see more click here: LDT Applications to Viscera: Thorax & Abdomen (LDV Th-Abd-O) Online Webinar - Sun. Dec 12th - Tue. Dec 14th, 2021

Class Pre-requisite: LDT1

Continuing Education (CE): 18 CEUs from NCBTMB for MTs and Procert for MTs


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Bruno Chikly, MD, DO, LMT & Alaya Chikly, BA, LMT

Bruno Chikly, MD (France), DO (France, It., UK), LMT (AZ), is the director of the Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) and Brain Therapy curriculi.

He is a graduate of the Medical School at Saint Antoine Hospital in France, where his internship in general medicine included training in endocrinology, surgery, neurology and psychiatry. Dr. Chikly also earned the United States equivalent of a master's degree in psychology from Paris XIII University, France.

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