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Lymph, Fascia and Primo-Vascular System (LFPVS)


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- This workshop will help deepen your skills with lymph and fascia techniques.

- It explores the central control of lymphangions (lymphatic vessels contractile units) contractions: the neuro-lymphatic system.

- This class will present a new model to work with the body using the central control of the lymphatic system: NeuroFascia Lymphatic Technique.

- It offers amazing hands-on techniques to effectively find dominant restrictions in the body using lymphatics techniques independently, using fascia techniques independently, and using lymphatics and fascia combined.

- It presents a protocol to identify and non-invasively release many acute or chronic fascial lesions that are often difficult to treat. This can be applied to orthopedic indications and pathologies such as muskuloskeletal injuries, acute or chronic foot, ankle or knee sprains, shin splits, longstanding shoulder or hip pain, low back pain, acute or chronic frozen shoulder, neck pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, kidney stone pain, etc.

- It presents an introduction to the Primo-Vascular Fluid System (PVS), theory and practice.

- It introduces some techniques derived from the genius of Emanuel Swedenborg (who influenced especially Sutherland in his development of the cranial model).  

- It also presents different techniques to release trauma and emotions or belief systems in the tissue, using the cisterna chyli, the cerebrum 6 layered-cortex, the cerebellum and olive, or the ribs and celiac plexus.

- It presents a tool helping to alleviate the imprint of depression.

- This class will introduce an approach called "Microscopic Anatomy / Microscopic Physiology". It will be applied, for example, to centrioles, microtubules and tau proteins.


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