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Heart Centered Therapy 2 (HCT2): Touching from the Heart - Foundations of Your Health, Conception Through Birth


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Heart Centered Therapy 2 teaches a Heart-Centered touch that brings heightened awareness and wisdom into our hands.

HCT2 addresses and treats physical restrictions related to trauma that may have occurred in each stage of development in utero and during pregnancy.  This is mirrored and addressed down to a cellular, organ and fascia level. Participants will learn to track tensions and restrictions in the body and release residual tension in the tissue.

They learn to follow the physical guidance of the body with confidence and gentleness and help ensure the safe environment needed for the client’s tissue to relax and entrust the manual therapy process.

HCT2 helps understand how unresolved physical traumas can affect the body tissue and compromise healthy structural alignment. This level of connection heightens touch, palpation skills and effectiveness in manual treatment.

HCT2 also helps to understand how ancestral traumas may have continued to create structural dysfunction in a spectrum of degrees.

Learn how cellular trauma can be a future hidden source of disease and physical pain.

Learn how the mother’s internal environment, the health of her physical body can determine the tissue tension and foundational posture of the baby.

Connecting manually to the body as a conscious, sentient, intelligent and loving being.

Explain how the quality of one’s parent’s relationship to each other affects the foundational structure of our physical and emotional body.

Class length 4 days


"HCT2 offers an opportunity for amazing gifts. I gained a profound and deeper sense of self and overall felt more whole.  The heightened awareness I felt towards people around me was both touching and holy.  

Since the class my perceptions have been shifting and changing.  At times my sense of self is less defined or separate from everything that exists and yet I feel a sense of freedom that I never had before.  I literally feel like I have been reborn."

Carol Patnode, MA in Psychology, PT Assistant, PTA Program Director

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