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Heart Centered Therapy 3 (HCT3): Connecting to All That Is


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Even though we may have heard a thousand times that we are not separate beings, we may still feel that we are. The perception of our minds defies the idea that we are all one, and language defines our separation. It may feel normal to see and experience everything and everyone as out there? What would happen if we didn't?

HCT 3 is dedicated to experiencing our oneness so that our sense of being an integral part of All THAT IS no longer remains a question, but rests in our knowing. Initially we will be turning the focus of our hearts towards exploring and deeply aligning with the consciousness / intelligence of our bodies, and our human and spiritual nature. Each and all aspects of ourselves are intelligent, loving, and unique. They are simultaneously experiencing their own realm of reality. We will be bridging these realms as we open to this deep level of inner-communication in our sharing. We will be using the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water to deepen this work.
Our shifts in awareness may raise the very issues that have been holding us in dissonance. We will then process in the afternoons, and apply our sessions to clearing related traumas and beliefs and to deepening our spiritual experiences. We will integrate our HCT skills on our 4 days together.

Class length 4 days

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