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Heart Centered Therapy 1 (HCT1): Touching from the Heart - Assume Only Love

Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) is a gift of the heart, a sacred journey within.

Heart Centered Therapy level 1 (HCT1) - Touching from the Heart - is a profound 4-day class that teaches techniques that are guided by the wisdom of the heart.

The heart naturally knows how to heal our bodies and our consciousness and dissolve beliefs that may have held us in pain, confusion, and/or separation.
HCT offers deep healing without reliving the trauma as we are held in the safety, love, and compassion of the heart. When we are able to stop identifying with who we are not, we are free to discover who we truly are. 

We not only work in the present moment but also access the original trauma where negative decisions and beliefs were formulated.  Step-by-step guidelines help us to gently identify and transform the emotional component of disease in the body, the related trauma, as well as the ancestral patterns that have sustained wounding within the immediate family and the family lineage. Inside this gentle and respectful process is a very direct, straightforward approach that pierces straight to the core of an issue.
This class is offered to both professionals and laypeople. It gives families tools to heal relationships and deepen intimacy and communication. People come because they want to heal, to be free, to love again, and to be loved. HCT is an experience that restores hope.

The depths of the work cannot be met until the heart is awakened.

The heart is the key, the access point for the journey to begin.

Please join us on this sacred journey. 

Class length: 4 days

Contact Continuing Education (CE) Hours Total: 24 CEUs for massage therapists - NCBTMB Approved Provider # 451238-10

NCBTMB CEUs are accepted in every US state for NCBTMB certification renewal.

Most states accept NCBTMB for license renewal but not all. We are also an approved provider for NY state.

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Because certification and license renewal policies vary from state to state, it's important for you to make sure the CEUs are accepted wherever you practice. Therefore, please be aware that this information may not apply in your state.

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Alberta massage therapists: Members of the RMTA will receive 19 Continuing Education Credits (CEC) upon the submission of a certificate of completion for each course.


The Heart Centered Therapy Experience

Heart Centered Therapy 1 (HCT1): Touching from the Heart - Assume Only Love

HCT Therapy addresses the direct physical effects of unresolved emotion in the body and also accesses the original trauma where negative decisions and beliefs were formulated. As we are held in safety, love, and compassion of the heart, we are free to discover who we truly are.
Heartfelt techniques include step-by-step guidelines that identify and transform: the emotional component of disease and discomfort in the body, the related trauma, as well as the ancestral patterns that have to perpetuate dysfunction within the immediate family and family lineage.
In this process, we also learn to internally listen to the sound and frequencies that framed/sustained our family dynamics. As we recognize dissonant sounds in the homes where we were raised, we can see what we may have given up parts of ourselves in order to stay resonant as part of our families. This sacrifice enabled us to be one with our mothers and fathers and to be a part of the whole, however, we may have dissociated and given up our voice, confidence, ability to love, trust, connection, etc... Recognizing this, we come to understand that our parents “also” gave up a part of themselves to be one with their mother and father. We can then step into a deeper understanding and compassion for ourselves and our family. When we come to a place of loving and compassionate understanding, healing deepens.
We are an intrinsic part of the family consciousness. The healing of the whole is interrelated to our personal healing.
In awareness, we can reclaim that which we gave up. In so doing we can support everyone in our families to follow this lead, as no one is excluded in the healing. It gives families tools to heal relationships, communication and deepen intimacy in order to heal, love, and be loved again.


No Prerequisites.

Healthcare professional license not required.


Price: $850

Registration Discount: $650

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This is a class with no CHI class pre-requisite.


Chikly Health Institute

I had such a blast in class (NER-L)! It is the perfect balance of hard work and fun! I am very much looking forward to taking more in the future :) 

Peter B LMT
Chikly Health Institute

Just finished NER-L-O and the person who was my body was the same throughout the whole course. Now my client feels like her whole body is humming, where before things felt disconnected. Also, the ankle pain she's had for the past year is gone.


Claire MacPherson, RMT
Chikly Health Institute


There’s an old psychology saying, “People need 3 things to be happy: 1. Something to do 2. Something to look forward to, 3. Someone to love.”  It’s still relevant today.  Dr. Chikly’s and Alaya’s classes contribute in all these aspects for a deeper and more fulfilling quality of life.

Chikly Health Institute


Wonderful unique techniques! Quick and easy. Very effective! Thank you for all you do Dr Chikly!

Joanne W, SI, CST
Chikly Health Institute


So thankful for Dr. Chikly’s classes! What a gift to be able to have these teachings directly from Bruno himself and to be online. He generously answers all questions and I am amazed at how much I can learn online. The techniques he teaches are original, efficient and incredibly effective. They have changed my life and my clients’ lives.

Anjali Brannon, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Polarity and Craniosacral Therapist and Bodyworker.
Chikly Health Institute


Wonderful techniques. I can't wait to incorporate them in my practice. I know that these techniques will be extremely healing for my clients.


T. Medellin, RN, CST-T
Chikly Health Institute


I am very grateful to the Chikly Institute for its online courses, it allows us to continue learning. The courses are perfectly designed with theory, demonstration and practice. The explanations are very clear. Thank Bruno.



M.L., DO, Argentina
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