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This course will cover the pelvic diaphragm, respiratory diaphragm, intracranial diaphragms (falx cerebri, falx cerebelli, tentorium cerebelli)

Releasing our 3 diaphragms is a very important key to healing the physical-emotional components of disease.

  • HCT-DIA supports stepping into full presence and safety within our pelvic floor.  As we clear unresolved emotion, hidden shame, and guilt, we regain trust in our inner-knowing of who we are.  Our deepest sense of knowing and wisdom is inherent and natural.  Healing the pelvic floor will reveal many hidden keys that can empower us as men and women.
  • A respiratory diaphragm that is tight and restricted can mirror addressed fear of life and death. Addressing and transforming these unconscious issues can restore full breath, right structural alignment and ignite our trust in life.
  • The tentorium cerebelli and reciprocal tension membranes of the cranium can also inhibit the cellular and structural ability of our brain and nervous system to access and ignite our Soul light. Healing-related trauma can support us to unify with the universal matrix of life.

HCT-DIA prepares us for opening to our pure matrix that aligns us to ourselves and each other.

Contact Continuing Education (CE) Hours Total: 24 CEUs for massage therapists - NCBTMB Approved Provider # 451238-10

NCBTMB CEUs are accepted in every US state for NCBTMB certification renewal.

Most states accept NCBTMB for license renewal but not all. We are also an approved provider for NY state.

Please look here for more information:

Because certification and license renewal policies vary from state to state, it's important for you to make sure the CEUs are accepted wherever you practice. Therefore, please be aware that this information may not apply in your state.

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Pre-req: HCT1

HCT2 is highly suggested

Price: $950

Registration Discount: $750

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Chikly Health Institute

Your class touched me on all levels of my being!! I'm in such awe of what you've created and the levels of awareness you have inspired us to reach!! 

Accessing the divine masculine and feeling it as accommodating supportive structure within, has completely changed the way I know myself today. Vitalizing the divine feminine within the context of the awakened masculine, has enhanced my sense of embodied presence, my true nature and my place within the world. This is huge!! I see your work, in the larger context of the world, supporting the evolution of Unity consciousness, as I know you do as well!!

 I heard you say today you have renewed hope, and I do too!! I so needed the inspiration and the tools you gave us...the ability to change the way we see, so that which we see changes. To have experienced the transformative power of witnessing without judgement has changed me forever! I am motivated to find this experience in my daily life, through self awareness, intentionality and love!!


Jann Jennell, PT
Chikly Health Institute

I wanted to thank you again for teaching, sharing and guiding us/me with the Heart Centered wisdom.  At the end of the day on Sunday I was very connected to the energy that it was "the happiest day of my life" - sweet freedom energy.

I did some journaling and rewriting of my notes each night and last night was able to see the gift of each process and how each day built on the one before it - bringing me in to my perineum (connected to self trust); opening and bringing as sense of ownership to my pleasure pathways(receiving my innocence);  Awareness of being in my spine - new to me sensation (received my heart back); Support of my spine vs collapse ( Balance of masculine and feminine up the spine).


Patti Gehman, LMT
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