Chikly Health Institute

I have been a cranial therapist for more than 25 years. Being introduced to Dr. Chikly's cranial work has opened my eyes to unexpected levels and dimensions I had not been aware of in this field.  Integrating these in-depth techniques into my cranial practice is giving me an edge of excellence I never thought possible.

Marybeth W., PT
Chikly Health Institute

Prior to seeing to Dr. Bruno our son (5 years old) was experiencing elongated tantrums, sensory issues and an inability to focus on simple tasks and in social settings.   Chase was evaluated by a local therapist in our area and was diagnosed with a brain imbalance.  In seeking treatment, our family elected to travel to Arizona to work with Dr. Bruno as opposed to enrolling in a 6 month program with the local therapist, who's cost was $13,000.  After just 3 sessions with Dr.Bruno over the course of 7 days, we began to see immediate results and positive changes in my son's day-to-day behavior, attitude and personality.  We continue to work with my son on a daily basis utilizing the exercise program that Dr. Bruno prepared for him and feel blessed to have found a non-pharmaceutical treatment method to aid in his mental development.  We continually hear from friends, family, teachers and classmates how much our son has developed over the past year and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Dr. Bruno.

Chris W., Senior Managing Director, Newport Beach, CA, 92660
Chikly Health Institute

I would like to thank you so much for the brain treatment. It has been gradually taking effect over the past week and a half. I have noticed distinct improvements in memory recall, calculation, and thinking speed. I feel the best I have in quite a few years.  Since my bike accident I have felt quite flat - neither happy or really sad - so having my sense of humor back is also a big is the best help I've had with the cognitive and emotional injuries since at least 7 years ago.

Scott C, DO
Chikly Health Institute

The class was great. Just to think that you could located, feel and then treat such specific parts of the brain was wonderful. Everyone who works with individuals who present with any type of brain damage should take this class. I have used it for all of the children that I work with and it has produced some fantastic changes in a short period of time. I highly recommend B1 for all practitioners.

Mable Sharp
Chikly Health Institute

This is the best class I ever take in 20 years taking all sorts of hands-on seminars.

Robin Walpert
Chikly Health Institute

This is an extraordinary class. Dr Chikly has developed a profound method of releasing trauma from tissue anywhere in the body (including brain trauma). The technique is subtle, gentle and very harmonizing for the client.

Robert H. Weiner
Chikly Health Institute

This course is so important to me that I repeated it in December ’06.

The content is key to healing and Dr. Chikly is key in explaining and demonstrating it.

Dr. Chikly has a special way of communicating the curriculum which is precise and professional while at the same time humorous and personal.

Alaya Chikly is a special and essential addition to the class, providing guided meditations and other less traditional exercises which varied the presentation and opened the minds of the students to new and more expansive ways of perceiving this unique and useful material.

There is no question in my mind that this work is an important part of what I do daily with the people who come to see me for help with a wide variety of health issues. There is no way I would ever give up what I have learned from Dr. Chikly, nor could I envision my practice without it. I am deeply indebted to the Chikly’s for their skill as pedagogs and their care and precision as research scientists. I plan to continue with B2 and future courses which the Chikly’s develop

Jane Shepard, LMT
Chikly Health Institute

B1 was one of the best courses I assisted in my last 17 years. Dr. Chikly covered thoroughly both the structural and the functional anatomy of the brain. It was a solid, precise and fascinating information. I consider this class indispensable to practitioners of any advanced modality. It should be a pre-requirement to high level therapists training. I’m using the many tools learned in B1 in almost all my patients, and being delighted with the results. The functional modifications of the brain are happening at deeper level and faster pace. The techniques learned in B1 classes became true blessings to my little handicapped patients.

Shanna Ringel, DOM, CST-D
Chikly Health Institute

Thank you for the great brain course at AZCOM in January. To say it has changed my practice would be an understatement. My results are much different, and the efficacy of all my other methods is greater. I very much appreciate your contribution to my ongoing education.

We (globally, as osteopaths) are very thankful for your contribution to the body of knowledge we employ in caring for hurting people everyday. Personally, I feel as if my ability to help people has been enhanced by a quantum step/level, a "quantum leap", if you will.

David W. Asher, DO
Chikly Health Institute

I was speechless! I almost fell off the chair when I touched Pat’s head! I think I need to take up to Brain 14 to understand what you (Bruno Chikly) did with her. I think you stole someone else’s brain and put it in her.

Pat’s brain was supple, there was a ton of fluid in it, all the cells are moving, ALIVE, and there was no conflict in it. Part of the left brain had a lot of "conflict" before. When I sink my fingers into the cortex, there was a give. During the first session after yours, even mere intent was moving the brain. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING!

I told my staff that I am giving up my practice, family and everything and apprentice with Bruno to learn to be able to treat like that, or I will have to live up to 120 years!!

Usha Kanithi, PT