Intra-Oral Hands Position Poster From Fluid Articular Release Lower (FAR-L)
Intra-Oral Hands Position Poster From Fluid Articular Release Lower (FAR-L)

These are the intra-oral techniques from FAR-L.


This wonderful class will teach students to use a specific synovial fluid and the body's inherent articulation rhythm to release restrictions specific to all body articulations, including "fused" embryological articulations. 
This class, previously called LAFR/RAFT, has been successfully taught for over 10 years in the lymph curriculum and has no prerequisite.

Learn how to release joints in the body in a non-invasive manner.

Learn articulation fluid release techniques for the:

  • Peripheral (appendicular) articulations: lower extremity from the hip to the foot articulations - embryological structures
  • Pelvis: articulations of the sacrum, pubic symphysis, superior pubic ramus, iliac crest, sacro-iliac and Iliolumbar joint and embryological structures

Some material from the upper body will be introduced in this class:
 Intra-oral articulations: zygoma, premaxilla, maxilla, palatine, pterygoid process, sphenobasilar articulation

  • Face and skull and associated structures
  • Midline structures of the skull
  • Zygoma relationship: 5 relationships
  • Sphenoid relationships: 9 relationships
  • Vomer bone relationships 5 relationships
  • Ethmoid bone relationships: 6 relationships


  • Interstitial fluid release, with applications for edema, fascia, muscles, skin (i.e. scars and acne), and articulations (e.g. ethmoid, sacroiliac)and intraosseous techniques will be demonstrated.

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