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Sponsoring LDT Classes


Become a CHI Promotional Sponsor

Help share your experiences with colleagues.
Most student prefer to attend continuing education classes that are highly recommended by someone they know.
Please download posters/flyers with CHI schedule and distribute or post in a place where therapists are hanging out (DO, DC, PT, OT, DOM, nurses, massage therapists, etc…).


Promotional Ideas

Call/email practitioners you know and explain how LDT/Brain/HCT has benefited your practice/clients.
Present lectures at local chapter meetings.
Set up in-services with clinics and hospitals.
Write articles for local newsletters.


Generate Clients and Referrals

While sharing information about LDT, brain or HCT you may find that your colleagues are very interested in receiving treatment, or they have clients that would benefit from your treatments. Become known as the leading LDT, Brain or HCT practitioner in your area or organize a study group.

Please contact us if you would like to help bring CHI classes in your area.

Email: [email protected]
Tel: (480) 999-0808 or 888 333-1055



Thank you

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