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Class Code / Código de Clase
Prerequisites / Prerrequisitos
Class Date / Fecha de Clase
Tuesday, Jul 18, 2023 to Thursday, Jul 20, 2023
Additional Information / información adicional

Class Hours:

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Class Description

In this class, we will cover numerous approaches and techniques for the eyes, the intracranial Meninges, as well as techniques for CSF in three different compartments of the cranium, including the glymphatic pathways and the cisterns.

We will help balance the whole CNS, specifically the optic pathways.

By releasing the meninges properly, you will also help all the membranes of the body, help modify the tensions inside the cranium, thorax, abdomen, and pelvis, ​and support the flow of intracerebral sinuses, including sagittal sinuses, straight sinuses, the vein of Galen, the vein of Rosendal, etc.

We will work with a specific concept of stress bands and reinforcement of the cranial bones (“buttresses”) that can indicate problems with the meninges.

We will demonstrate another way to help “drain” CSF in the whole brain. We will assess the fluid in three spaces:

- Ventricular system

- Brain parenchyma  and the glymphatic system

- Subarachnoid spaces (SAS), including cisterns of the brain (waterbeds)

The work on the intrinsic electricity of the brain and brain electromagnetic field can be used in difficult cases.



Bring comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Some of these approaches require touching exposed skin, we encourage you to bring a bath towel, lab clothes, and appropriate undergarments so that you are comfortable.

Short fingernails are required for some techniques.

Due to the potential chemical sensitivities of your classmates, please refrain from wearing perfumes or oils to class.


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Class Country / País de la Clase
Beverly Cook