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DVD: A Miniature Universe: Matter, Motion & Mind (DMU)

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Discover the inner life of life through dozens of unique video clips of living cells in full color and motion. This DVD takes a deeper look at the motion and beauty of life as made possible by the technological advancements of the real-time microscope (RTM3) developed by Richardson Technologies, Inc. 

It was produced with a revolutionary half a million dollar microscope which presents living cells at 12,000-15,000 times their actual size, and in greater detail with more precision and contrast than previous moving images. 

This astonishing DVD now allows us now to strengthen our understanding by actually showing us life the way it is in full color and real movement. It shows, with great clarity the workings of living tissue samples in full color and motion. It gives the opportunity to explore "the inner life of life." 

You can see movement of mitochondria, the wobbling of red corpuscles, changes inside the nucleus, the making of genetic material, DNA releasing proteins. You can see the cell membranes moving. There's no dye, no dehydration. When you see it you'll have a hard time finding words to describe it. It's such a breakthrough." 

The DVD is divided into six main parts: 

Cell images range from that of a diatom, flower, and tadpole heart to mitochondria, neurons, heart, muscle, blood cell, and pathology such as asbestos, malaria, mycoplasma and cancer. 

- The Secret of Life 

 - Plant Kingdom 

 - Animal Kingdom 

 - Human 

 - Pathology 

 - The Microscope. 


A Miniature Universe: Matter, Motion & Mind aids by giving a more multi-dimensional understanding of the body inner dynamics. "we get a very real sense of the inner rhythms and movements that takes place deep within our bodies on a cellular level" 

Narrated by Alaya Chikly, LMT, and developed in collaboration with Richardson Technologies and Francis H.Y. Green, MD, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Calgary, Canada. 



"This video is amazing. The delicacy and care of the preparations 
allow us the rare opportunity to view the varied rhythms of movement 
found in the microscopic world. The live images illuminate the same 
rhythms and richness found in the inner world of our bodies." 

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Founder of Body-Mind Centering, author of "Sensing, Feeling, and Action". 


"Never before have I seen such beautiful and close up details of the mysterious microscopic world in which we live. The live action movies gave me a greater appreciation for the wondrous design of nature. Thanks to the authors for changing the way we can see our world and appreciate the truly miraculous phenomenon of life all around us from the tiny to the very tiny." 

Steve Davidson, D.O., C-SPOMM 


The DVD, "A Miniature Universe: Matter, Motion, & Mind", is a brilliant and breathtaking piece of work that illuminates the metabolic processes of cells right before your very eyes. 

 Rita Moran, PT  

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Human Fibroblast: Nucleus Activity

Animals: Mitochondria & Hear Cells


Cell Movement Real Time

Pathology - Malaria

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