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Neuro-Embryological Release of Ligaments and Tendons (NER-L)


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  • NER-L is an efficient and original way to release ligaments (and tendons). We will release and reset them using a mesoderm technique and fine tune the release with endodermic and ectodermic techniques. The technique feels amazing to receive, and the effects are often felt during the day as a warm unfolding.


  • Ligaments stabilize the whole bony structure. It is essential to work with them to align and strengthen the whole bony framework.


  • We will go over most skeletal ligaments in the body. We will work, for example, with the iliolumbar ligament, sacrotuberous ligament, sacrospinous ligament, anterior and posterior coccygeal ligaments, three levels for the sacroiliac joint, anterior/posterior pubic symphysis, inguinal ligament, lacunar ligament. pectineal ligament the ligaments around the vertebrae such as the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligament, ligamentum flavum, interspinous ligament, supraspinous ligament, etc.


  • Releasing the ligaments of the mandible, for example, may give you immediate effects with TMJ problems or clicking of the joint.


  • Releasing the ligaments of the thyroid and cricoid cartilages often help relieve vocal dysfunction.


  • We will show you techniques to release ligaments of the eyes (e.g. suspensory ligament of the eyeball or Lockwood's ligament).


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