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Application for Exception for Attendance at a Brain Class

Advanced practitioners with significant training and clinical experience in neuroanatomy and refined/fluid techniques may be eligible to take this workshop without pre-requisite classes. If you think you may qualify, please fill up this form and contact our Educational Services Department for this "Application for Exception" to be submitted to the developer.

Please be specific and separate neuroanatomy training with general anatomy training. Also please give name of seminars taken, date, teacher and number of days.

Form: Application for Exception for Attendance at Brain

 You can submit this form right now or you can fill out the following information and mail it or fax it to the Chikly Health Institute (see all information at the bottom of the page). Thank you for your time.

Please ZIP all the documents and attatch the ZIP file. Please provide copies of all licenses and certificates listed above and send to the Chikly Health Institute.
Files must be less than 9 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp pdf doc docx rar tar zip.

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