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Michael Allen MD

As a pediatrician, I regularly check a few reflexes in my patients. However, Dr Chikly's reflex class deepened my understanding of the neonatal reflexes, and more importantly, gave me the tools to treat my patients who have negative symptoms because of retained primitive reflexes, right in my office.
In the past, my only treatment option was to send them to do Brain Gym for 6-24 months and hundreds to thousands of dollars to resolve these retained reflexes. My patients families are thrilled with the results.


I have been a cranial therapist for more than 25 years. Being introduced to Dr. Chikly's cranial work has opened my eyes to unexpected levels and dimensions I had not been aware of in this field.  Integrating these in-depth techniques into my cranial practice is giving me an edge of excellence I never thought possible.
Marybeth W., PT

Chris W., Senior Managing Director, Newport Beach, CA, 92660

Prior to seeing to Dr. Bruno our son (5 years old) was experiencing elongated tantrums, sensory issues and an inability to focus on simple tasks and in social settings.   
Chase was evaluated by a local therapist in our area and was diagnosed with a brain imbalance.  In seeking treatment, our family elected to travel to Arizona to work with Dr. Bruno as opposed to enrolling in a 6 month program with the local therapist, who's cost was $13,000.  
After just 3 sessions with Dr.Bruno over the course of 7 days, we began to see immediate results and positive changes in my son's day-to-day behavior, attitude and personality.  
We continue to work with my son on a daily basis utilizing the exercise program that Dr. Bruno prepared for him and feel blessed to have found a non-pharmaceutical treatment method to aid in his mental development.  We continually hear from friends, family, teachers and classmates how much our son has developed over the past year and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Dr. Bruno.

Lupita Hernandez, LMT

"I had one of the most profound, deeply inspired, loving, fun class ever.  I am very grateful." - Lupita Hernandez, LMT - California, USA


William Stokes

We put in a lot of effort to cover so much information and hands on training, yet I feel more relaxed than I do when I come back from vacation.  This was the best class I have ever attended and I am planning to take more Chikly classes.  I just wish they could all be done at your house.  You are amazing.
Thanks so much,
Tom Stokes (William), LMT
17565 Red Oak Dr
Houston TX 77090



This is what patients say about this technique:

“I have had fibromyalgia for about 15 years and I have tried all kinds of therapies such as chiropractic, deep massage, allopathic and energy therapy. I was left with the feeling that I would never be able to get better and that I would have to settle for this. I have never felt as much improvement after only ONE session with Dr. Bruno Chikly. For the first time in about 12 years I had a really good undisturbed night sleep. I woke up relaxed and refreshed without any stiffness. When I move during the day I feel almost no pain. My hope is restored.”Laufey S. 
“I am 47 and I have fibromyalgia for about 17 years. I was just always tired! At home I did nothing extra, I felt that I could never get enough sleep, at work the most simple things seemed to take an effort, and I felt it hard to concentrate. Sometimes it was even hard to pick up the phone and call friends!! I can hardly put in words how I feel after ONE session with Dr Bruno Chikly. I found myself flirting again with my husband, found the strength to take the dog out for a whole 90 minute walk, and two days after the session I met an old and dear friend that I had not seen for way to long, and we were laughing and joking and suddenly I realized that I was not faking it - I had just found my happiness again! Thank you,”
Kristin P. 

"I have Multiple Sclerosis. My current flair-up has caused vision and vertigo issues that have made every-day tasks difficult (& driving unthinkable). I was treated with IV steroids last month and have been slowly improving. After my first visit with Dr. Bruno Chikly I felt “awake”. The next morning for a few hours I forgot I had Multiple Sclerosis. It wasn’t until the phone rang and I ran to answer that I realized I hadn’t done that for a while…simply hurrying up to answer the phone was not possible the day before. My friends and family have commented they are impressed with how much I have improved in one day. I even feel comfortable driving again. I still have more healing but I am amazed at the progress I made with one treatment from Dr. Bruno Chikly. I am much happier and optimistic I will make a full recovery."
Gina G., AZ 

“I never thought I would have a normal life but now I work full time, go out, see my friends and have my independence again”
J. Hodgkinson, 2011. 



Lymphatics are the next frontier of discovery in human disease. Long ignored because of their subtlety and complexity, the mysteries of   our cellular ‘waste disposal’ system have been comprehensively deciphered by Bruno Chikly.


Mehmet Oz, MD, Cardiothoracic surgeon, Author of “Healing from the Heart”



Bruno Chikly's book is an incredible resource for patients, their caregivers and health professionals. The extent of the information you make available to therapists and physicians is a gift we can all utilize in our practice and work.


Bernie Siegel, MD, Surgeon and author of Love, Medicine and Miracles; Prescription for Living and other books.



At last someone that give to the lymphatic system its “nobility” / its sense/ significance / important scientific date….Lymph Drainage Therapy is a breakthrough in the filed of manual therapy (…)

I appreciate / admire both the man and the physician, the researcher and the writer.


Jean Pierre Barral, DO, MROF, Developer of the Visceral Manipulation curriculum



Silent Waves is the bible in the field of lymph drainage therapy. Author Bruno Chikly, MD, is a skilled physician and true healer, and he is the Einstein of this rapidly developing field. This book is a treasure not only for healthcare professionals but also anyone who whishes to learn more about one of the most neglected systems of the human body.


 Larry Dossey, MD, Executive Director, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Author of nine books- including Healing beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine and Healing Words.



Having taught Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) since the early 1980's, I feel as though I have recently discovered a huge key to unlocking the mysterious patterns of pain and dysfunction in soft tissues. After taking Bruno Chikly's basic lymphatic drainage course, my eyes were opened to a significant factor in the problems of chronic pain. Integrating the NMT techniques and lymph drainage therapy will produce significant changes for even the most chronic pain conditions and the mastery of these techniques will enhance the practitioner's results significantly. This text has been long needed and will impact all fields of manual techniques.


Judith (Walker) DeLany, L.M.T.NMT Center Seminars - Founder, Director, NMT InstructorJournal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies - Associate Editor



Bruno Chikly’s pioneering and innovative development of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) is the most significant contribution to the field of Lymphatic Drainage since its inception almost a century ago.
LDT is a fundamental technique for all physical therapists to learn. It is here presented by one of the world’s leading teachers of manual therapy today. LDT is a powerful and effective technique for all physical therapists to learn.


Kenneth I. Frey, PT, Diplomate in CranioSacral Therapy, Director, Institute of Physical Therapy, New York, NY



The completely new enhancement of Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) is the palpation of the lymph flow in the different layers of the tissues, including its rhythm, quality and direction. His work has opened the possibility for practitioners to map the lymphatic flow, greatly enhancing effectiveness of the work. A.T. Still, the father of osteopathy, stated several times, that the importance of the lymphatics cannot be overestimated.


Roger Seider MD, DO (MROD) Orthopedic Physician Hamm, Germany



In Lymph Drainage Therapy, Dr. Chikly has brought the healing arts a powerful approach to the treatment of both chronic and acute conditions. It enhances the clinical acumen of those interested in an osteopathic approach to the management of systemic as well as musculoskeletal problems. His courses are a celebration of the integration of basic lymphology and manual medicine.


T. Reid Kavieff, DO, CSPOMM



Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is one of the most powerful therapeutic techniques I have ever learned or experienced. Using LDT, I have successfully treated patients with diagnosis ranging from acute conditions such as athletic injuries, edema, headaches and sinus infections, to chronic problems of the respiratory system, as well as the musculoskeletal system such as chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. Dr. Chikly''s work has definitely changed my approach to treating patients.


Janet Weiss Quate, LPT, CNMT



Incorporating Lymph Drainage Therapy into my practice has added an essential component to my work. Palpating obstructions in the lymph flow gives me important diagnostic information, resistant conditions are clearing much quicker, and patients are noticing immediate changes. This text is a comprehensive and much needed addition to the literature in the field of lymphatic techniques.


Signy Erickson, DC, CST-D 



As an occupational therapist, lymphatic drainage therapy is one of my most important tools. I use it for many different conditions including hand therapy, post surgical recovery, scar treatment, pain, swelling, arthritis, back and neck conditions and lymphedema. Lymph is the fluid of life which I am able to enhance with my clients. This book is an important addition to the scientific literature.


Liz Blum, OTR



Dr. Bruno Chikly has significantly refined lymphedema therapy by creating manual lymphatic mapping (MLM). MLM provides the skill of assessing the rhythm, direction, and other qualities of lymphatic flow dynamically. The physician or therapist is enabled to monitor the patient''s progress by palpation throughout the therapy. Manual Lymphatic Mapping is an important complimentary skill for the repertory of established Vodder or Földi trained therapists.


Frank Gentzke, MS, LMT - Vodder certified Manual Lymphedema Therapist



I have practiced lymphatic drainage for more than 20 years and have studied many different lymphatic techniques. I never saw such quick and dramatic results as I did witnessing Dr. Chikly''s work. I am very impressed.

- Sarita Rodriguez - Director of Beautician Association of Sao Paulo, Brazil.



Here is an extensive compilation of material regarding the anatomy and physiology of the lymph system, the pathophysiology of lymphedema, as well as its history, diagnosis and treatment... The book provides insight for those just beginning a study of the subject as well as comprehensive reference for the experienced.


Marilyn Miller - Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Member North American Vodder Association of Lymphatic Therapy and  NCTMB



Understanding lymphatic drainage therapy has stimulated the "silent waters" in my clients/patients. Your unique application of LDT has led to a profound effect on my massage therapy sessions with my clients/patients.


Sue Welfley, LMT, NCTMB - Florida Board Of Massage Therapy Member



Lymph Drainage Therapy is a profound and effective means whereby the lactation therapist can facilitate optimal breast health. I have seen breast lumps dissolve before my eyes; relieved severe and chronic breast pain in one to two treatments; resolved acute breast and lactation problems with regularity; and empowered my clients by teaching them self-care breast routines that give them the ability to prevent and resolve future problems. I highly recommend Lymph Drainage Therapy to all therapists who desire lasting and meaningful health changes for their clients.


Alison K. Hazelbaker, MA, IBCLC - Author, Inventor, Professional Educator, LDT practitioner, CST practitioner, Certified NOMAS Examiner



LDT has been very successful in treating both acute and chronic pain where no other modalitiy has quite resolved the condition. I have also found it to be an incredible healing modality for bones, burns, shingles, infertility etc.


Vivian Michaud, B.S.,M.Ed.,C.M.T.



Dr. Chikly has explored the pathways and implications of the lymphatics at a depth greater than has been previously explained. The importance of the lymphatics cannot be denied. Knowledge of this material is of great assistance in the diagnosis and treatment of many common health complaints.


Ken Lossing DO - Board certified by the American Academy of Osteopathic Family Physicians, Director of the Visceral Manipulation Program, American Academy of Osteopathy



The lymphatic system remains perhaps the least studied and understood system in the human body. Now, in Silent Waves, Theory & Practice of Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT), Dr. Bruno Chikly methodically pulls the curtain of mystery aside. He traces how, through the ages and piece-by-piece, different scientists unraveled the structure and function of the lymphatic system. From gross structural revelations of hundreds of years ago to today''s elucidation of individual lymph cell types, the author demonstrates for us a depth of understanding and clinical application helpful to both novice and expert clinician alike. Today''s health professionals need this knowledge to more effectively combat their ever growing clinical challenges.


Stephen Davidson, DO, CSP-OMM 



Bruno Chikly is one of the most gifted medical professionals I have ever met.  His insight in the development of LDT has not only expanded successful treatment options available to patients but has helped rewrite the art and science of diagnosis.  Theory and practice of Lymph Drainage Therapy and the information on the lymphatic system should be required reading in every medical school in the country.


Nancy J. Soliven, M.F.C., M.D., D.C.



Sharing the Joy of Healing

I thought I would share the joy. I received this from one of my clients who comes to me regularly for "maintenance" care for her lymphedema:

As you and lymph drainage therapy (LDT) have been so instrumental in my recovery, I really have to share the outcome of my semi-annual radiation oncology follow-up. You would not believe how amazed my doctor was! He stated:


"You are a supreme example of what can happen when a patient assumes responsibility for her health care. What you have done is a true illustration of integrative medicine – a harmonious blend of conventional and complementary therapies."

I gratefully acknowledged the role of the Chikly method of therapy as the prime source of pain and lymphatic congestion relief (and all of the other combined life adjustments). My doctor was truly amazed that the symptoms had been so greatly reversed! (Not his words, mine! – He looked for swelling and couldn''''t seem to find much! He remembered that I have an extensive case – arm, breast and torso). All he could say was WOW! Also, I do not have to go back to him for nine months (instead of six)…


Anyway, I am thankful for all that I have learned from you, and I thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a patient, humble, and kindly way.






The LDV class is one of the most important classes anyone can take. The visceral component is a huge missing-piece to the puzzle of bodywork. Bruno's work is an easy and comprehensive approach to working with the organs. One of the most unique pieces is the way we learn how the viscera are interacting with each other. My favorite part is working with the pericardium and its many relationships. This class is a must for everyone. You will be surprised at how much the viscera are involved in pain and mobility problems.

- Terry Schibler, LMT



After 6 months of using the new tools that we learned at LDV I can honestly say, it made a huge difference in the results with my patients. Everyday I am amazed with what I am able to achieve using this absolutely wonderful technique. I can only recommend that anyone who is serious about Lymph Drainage and wants the best for their patients, to take this course!

- Franzi Cassidy, RMT



LDV was the coursework that really opened up the power of lymphatic drainage in my practice. I was immediately able to use this material my first day back to work. The detailed anatomical specificity, combined with LDT technique has brought relief to many clients of mine who had not had success with any other treatment. Dr Chikly's work is brilliant, elegant, and profound. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to study directly with him and his highly skilled instructors.

- Piper Jones, LMT, LLCC



The Visceral Lymphatic work I learned from Bruno Chikly has been a tremendous asset both professionally and personally. The lymphatic visceral work has a beautiful flow to it connecting all the organ systems together in an integrative way. On a personal level I was recently exposed to pesticides and became very ill with a burning sensation throughout my body and the lymphatic visceral work completely resolved the burning and the pain throughout my organs. The other advanced courses Bruno has taught have been so valuable and I use the techniques daily to assist my clients to resolve brain and spinal cord issues. My clients are amazed that such a light touch could be so powerful in resolving issues. I highly recommend the advanced and the visceral lymphatic curriculum to those who want to practice very special and highly evolved skills to facilitate healing for their clients.

- Leslie Nelson, OTR, RMT, CLT-LANA

Jojo C, AZ, 20 years old

Quote: Filum Terminale


"I have lived more than half of my life with scoliosis and constant discomfort. After over a decade of chiropractic, physical therapy, and many other forms of relief I met Bruno Chikly. With only three sessions, Bruno was able to take away the pain in my back and straighten my spine in ways I never thought possible. I can actually feel the bones in my spine, like a normal back, whereas before I was not able to at all. Before the work that Bruno did on my back I was seeing a chiropractor about twice a week. Now, I have not seen one in over a month and I have never felt better."

Jojo C, AZ, 20 years old.

Eric Kramer, Head Coach Northumberland Aquatic Club Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

How HCT Changed my Coaching Career and Personal Life?


I have been a dedicated competitive swimming coach for 30 years. I was fortunate to experience two of my swimmers making the Olympic team, one of which was a medalist at the Seoul Games in Korea in 1988. Two years ago I met Alaya at HCT 1 and came to the realization that I have a heart and that I could see and feel life differently for myself. My life was changed forever. It was at HCT 2 that it hit me what a profound impact this process could have on the children that I work with. How might I incorporate HCT in my coaching philosophy?

 We started in a very innocent way introducing the basic principles of HTC and experimenting with these experiences in the water. We now have some kids purely swimming in their heart and working with sound improves skills and reduces fatigue levels while training and racing. I feel enthusiastic that we are moving forward with Heart Centered Swimming. I feel confident that through heart-filled intention and openness to further exploration, we could have a profound impact on coaches of all sports. 

Working in a Loving way has challenged my own personal growth and has reduced the life stresses that we all put on ourselves. Creating change in people’s minds is always challenging, but very much worth the effort. I look forward to the continuing Journey that Heart Centered Swimming and living fully in my Heart Brings to my own life and lives that I connect with. 

 Basically, when the kids are in their heart space and using sound they can:

- Improve their stroke position floatability

- They can reduce increase speed using sound – therefore fatigue is not really present

- There swimming races can reflect when they are in their heart and not. Their splits (times time per length) can indicate when they where in or out of their heart.

We’ve done tests where I get the kids to do vertical kicking holding an object above water. When in their heart, there is very little noise in the water. In their heads… the total opposite, we hear grunting, and lots of water noise.

Anthony, July, 2007, Florida

I recently returned from a four-day workshop in Palm Beach Gardens given by Alaya and Bruno Chikly. I found it comparable to the Gestalt Pastoral Therapy I used to practice, except this is gentler, more focussed, more powerful, and you don't need five years of training and a master's degree to take the class. Whether it is something you would like to experience once or use in an ongoing manner, heart work is utterly magical and transformative.

My heart chakra has not been as activated as it was during this class since the last time I was in the presence of Master Choa. This work is a manifestation of the healing power of the Divine Feminine. During my session as a demo for ancestral healing, I received clear images with substantial and specific information from 15,000 years ago during the time of Atlantis, which is relevant to who I am and what I am doing right now. During my 30 years of inner work, counseling, meditation, healing, and therapy, nothing accessed that information until this class.

Linda B., LMT, CST-D

I am writing what might be called a "testimonial" to positively RAVE about and endorse the value of Alaya Chikly's Heart-Centered Therapy curriculum (HCT); I just took HCT1 up in Boise and am eager to sign up for HCT2. As you know, I've been in the Upledger loop for a l-o-n-g time: you know how much I Iove the work, respect what it can do, and how superb it is that CST combines well with Visceral Manipulation and other "modalities" under the IAHE umbrella.

One of the questions on the eval form we completed on day 4 addresses "techniques" taught that we might find valuable. HCT is so much more than technique. It is blessedly SIMPLE, and so very profound and far-reaching in its gentle application. I can't wait to blend it in with the other ways of work I use, "proper tool for the proper job" and so forth -- but clearing the dissonant energies of long-held and limiting family patterns out of our precious bodies makes SUCH a difference in terms of the ease, grace, and joy we can experience every single day of our lives and share with others.

 The sacred is always simple. Complexity is the realm of the ego. Of course, we need both head intelligence and heart intelligence. Coming to the head intelligence with the truly OPEN heart, however, makes living and learning so much easier and happier!  I would not hesitate to say that Alaya's Heart-Centered Therapy is truly sacred work. I am filled withg gratitude to have it braiding into my own life and work.

 I may be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if Alaya's own sweetness and gentleness, her non-pushiness, has perhaps led to HCT's being a bit less emphasized as a significant part of the IAHE curriculum. I am going to make it one of my own intentions, with my Study Groups and ongoing participation in CST and VM classes, to speak of the value of Heart-Centered Therapy..


Barbara S Ryan, Certified Bodywork Therapist, Certified Massage Therapist

Hi Alaya,

I've been thinking about you lately and remembering HCT3. It has given me so much peace as I walk through this cancer journey… You have given me the peace of knowing myself and feeling that I am loved and connected to those who are on this journey. The gift of HCT3 is about knowing and receiving love at a deeper level…I don't think it ever leaves me.  For me it was getting past the fear and embracing the unknown in an acceptance of who I am through my relationship with God. Difficult to find the right words but you, Alaya, have the gift of "being" and "communication" and the "knowingness" of taking people to a higher consciousness.


Tracey Gisquet, Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Clairvoyant

The HCT process is an astounding recognition that the heart itself, has a level of intelligence that is so far reaching, powerful, and so clear as to perceive reality from a whole new vantage point.
It is a rush of energy, an exhilaration.  When I look out, I understand that heart has eyes and cosmic sight of its own. Its a pure form of intelligence. Nothing in reality is processed the same way again. Its an integration of wisdom that is incredibly beautiful.

Beverly C., LMT

HCT is an eloquent skill that teaches how to really listen and care for the Soul.It has been wonderful to have the ability to help people find their own answers. I am learning that by using HCT there are no limitations.

Robin J, Reiki Master & Teacher, Utah

Dear Alaya and Bruno,


Thank you so much for this beautiful experience of HCT 1.  The class was wonderful and I LOVED having you two here together.  It brought a richness and a "real"-ness to the class material to see you two sharing this together. 
Alaya.  I will be forever grateful for the session you did for me in front of the class.  Such tender pieces of my heart were put back together.  How can I thank you enough for that precious gift.  Thank you for creating the space to find resolution for my parent's divorce.  I am finally at peace to have their lives separate.
My joy in my connection with my did is so sweet and feels complete.


I admire you so much.  May you be blessed in your journey of bringing light and love to this world.




Jansett B

HCT is a therapy born of transformative experience and deep knowing of the heart. Alaya’s transparency as she presents her work infuses each participant with the very love essence of which she speaks.


Peter W. Choate, MSW, Clinical Social Worker, Diplomate, American Psychotherapy Association.

Heart Centered Therapy successfully transforms the multi-generational patterns that keep families unhealthy. I have seen powerful changes occurring with HCT in clients who have failed to make progress through more traditional therapies. Personal relationships can also heal through HCT. People become closer and marriages become more joyful, including my own.”

Nancy S., MD, DC

The profundity of HCT has not only deeply shifted my clinical approach, but the very essence of my own life and the ripple continues to touch everyone I know.

Larry W., PhD

As a clinical psychologist of 30 years, I have rarely experienced an analytical therapeutic approach that is more penetrating, thoughtful, and loving. HCT cuts straight to the core and allows the client to work through their process with self-acceptance and no judgment. The results are astounding.


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